Best chillers of 2020: buying guide and product reviews (2)

- Aug 27, 2020-

Point of Use (POU) Water Cooler Distributor

These drinking fountains need to be directly connected to the water source and nearby power connections. They are more expensive because they have other high-spec features such as ozone injection or ultraviolet light. Filters usually have to be replaced every six months, and the cost per gallon is usually cheaper than bottled water.

Best for: Kitchens or homes without a filtration system, such as a water treatment system for the entire house, or something without a refrigerator water filter. These are also a good choice if it is inconvenient to order and refill water.

Bottom loading water cooler distributor

The bottom-loading dispenser is very convenient, because there is no need for heavy lifting, you only need to move the water bottle into the compartment. They have an additional air extraction mechanism, so their cost is higher than top-loaded coolers. The more expensive models also have high specification features, such as self-sterilizing ozone injection.

Best for: These products are great for family homes or people who cannot carry heavy objects. Because they dispense water at waist height, they are a good choice for children compared to desktop dispensers. They give a more stylish appearance to homes and offices.

Top loading water cooler

These are the most efficient and cheapest dispensers because they rely only on gravity and gravity without the need for an additional pump mechanism. There is usually a storage box at the bottom of the water dispenser, and more exquisite styles may even have a built-in ice maker. They usually do not have a self-disinfection function.

Best for: These functions are the same as those of the bottom-loading dispenser, except that it is cheaper. Another advantage is that they may have a storage room, which can be used to store cups or other beverages if placed in a common area.

Countertop water cooler

These are just miniature versions of top-loaded water coolers or point of source (POU) water cooler distributors. POU bottleless models are equipped with in-line water filters, and they require a water source close to the point of use.

Best for: These are good choices for small offices, small apartments or two-person families. They are easy to carry and can accommodate mobile homes.