Best chillers of 2020: buying guide and product reviews (3)

- Aug 28, 2020-

Key things to look for in a drinking fountain

Leakage: No one wants a water cooler to leak—so always check the frequency of leak reports from verified purchases on your online shopping portal.

Rods and buttons: These buttons and buttons should work seamlessly and have relatively good quality. For young children, buttons are a better choice.

Hot water safety locks: High-quality models usually have these safety locks. Even if there are no young children around, it is best to keep them safe.

Noise: When cooling or heating between two uses, all coolers emit some noise. Some machines have low noise levels, which is important for some people or offices.

Thermostat setting: The temperature of hot and cold water is usually fixed within a limited range of variation (about 47°F cold / 180°F hot water), but some temperatures may increase or decrease. The switch on the back can turn on and off the heat and cold functions.

Other advantages of water cooler distributor

If you want a self-sterilizing machine that uses UV or ozone injection, these will cost you more and are usually only available on bottom loading or POU filter dispensers. This keeps the water pipes and spouts clean, but you still have to manually clean the water tank at least every six months.

Other fascinating add-ons are: night light, empty bottle alarm, tray indicator full of water and adjustable legs.

Water dispenser filtration

No matter what kind of water dispenser you buy, the water quality is as good as the water from the water dispenser. Point source water dispensers (without bottles) are equipped with advanced filters, but for bottled water dispensers, you must research high-quality, reliable providers.

Drinking fountains and the environment

For bottled water dispensers, you need to ensure that the water bottle material does not have any harm. If you are concerned about waste and environmental impact, make sure to get an environmentally friendly dealer. Sometimes, you can add water to the kettle at the self-service point.