Disinfection and Descaling

- Oct 30, 2018-

According to the relevant environmental health Monitoring department testing showed that bottled water dispenser hot and cold water three months do not wash will be a large number of breeding bacteria, viruses, sediment residue, heavy metals and even evil red insects, serious harm to people's health. The dispenser is poured into the water at the same time, will be brought into a large number of bubbles, these bubbles will carry some bacteria into the bottled water inside. On the other hand, the water dispenser in the long-term use without cleaning, storage of water gall bladder, waterways, outlets will be deposited dirt, will also breed a large number of bacteria. Water dispenser After a period of time must be regularly cleaned, disinfected and descaling to ensure people's healthy life.

Water dispenser Cleaning, must use qualified cleaning agents and professional water dispenser cleaning tools.