Filter Media type water purifier

- Oct 30, 2018-

In view of the deterioration of the modern social environment, water pollution more and more serious, more pollutants in the water, such as pesticides, fertilizers and organic concentrated traditional water purifier is difficult to remove, so need to improve water purifier water purification effect, filter media water purifier on water pollution (such as chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides, carcinogenic characteristics, etc.) has a strong removal capacity,

And can retain the water calcium and magnesium ions on the human body beneficial ingredients, but also by the European and American countries recognized! The market is more advanced filter media have activated carbon fiber (ACF), activated carbon fiber is a precursor of organic fiber through carbonization activation of a new functional fiber, is the second generation of granular activated carbon, activated carbon rods, a new functional adsorption material, with good formability, acid, alkali, Good conductivity and chemical stability. ACF has been widely used in food, water purification, fine chemicals, nuclear industry and other fields for the adsorption of dust, compounds and heavy metals. As the leader in activated carbon fiber, the ganlie is able to effectively restore the taste of purified water with the inherent quality of the chlorine, germs, compounds and heavy metal pollution.