In-machine filter

- Oct 30, 2018-

1, check the length of the filter element: Compare the length of the new and old filter, if the new filter length can be used to increase the rubber pad method to solve.(Rubber pads can be removed from the old filter). 

2, the filter should be placed to pay attention to the filter, especially PP easy to put off, when the filter bottle to feel, do not twist the hard twist, to open the filter bottle to re-put the filter, so as not to damage the filter.

Granular activated carbon has rubber pads that head up, small T33 above marked with flow direction.

3, the filter is installed after the installation to be able to access the post-level system, flushing when disconnected from the next level of the pipeline, RO-level power to rinse, ultrafiltration water purifier only open into the ball valve can be flushed, flushing time at least 5 minutes, after the completion of the irrigation process to access the lower processing system. 

4, filter use time according to water quality, generally for 6-8 months, pp can be used for cleaning.

Preferably not more than 1 years.