Maintenance and maintenance of household water purifier

- Oct 30, 2018-

1. Installation and use General family Buy is used for central water purification, that is, the whole house water purification, not only drinking water purification. The water purifier on the main road is usually placed under the cupboard, of course, there are cabinets, usually installed in the kitchen.

If drinking, it is generally connected to a small unicom directly to the water dispenser in the bucket above.

2, the difference between water purifier It can be said that bottled water changed the way we Chinese people have been drinking boiling water habits. Bottled water in the production process to remove most of the harmful substances in the water, to provide people with real direct drinking water, because of its convenience, health, by the majority of consumers, but there are many problems, some manufacturers in order to save costs will directly fill the water does not meet the drinking standard and use cheap waste plastic, Scrap CD-ROM and foreign waste manufacturing buckets, in addition to bottled water also exist two times pollution, bottled water in use, every release of a liter of water, there will be a liter of volume of air entrainment bacteria and dust into the bucket, forming a sealed air layer, no regular cleaning of barrels, disinfection will also cause the water in the bucket is not sanitary, so the water

If you do not finish the drink within 72 hours, then clean water will become dirty water.

3, filter replacement cycle Water Purification Products Filter according to the use of raw materials, the quality of the filtration effect and the role of different, the common main is material barrier filtration and adsorption functions, such as PP cotton filter and activated carbon filter. With the use of time, impurities in the water will clog the filter, activated carbon filter will absorb saturation, in general, pp filter 3 months need to be replaced, granular activated carbon filter 6 months need to be replaced. Neither of these filters can effectively remove bacteria and organic contaminated microorganisms. It is not easy to find after saturation failure. Filtration accuracy can be achieved 0.1-0.01um, can effectively filter out the bacteria and harmful substances, the use of these two filters of water purification products can be directly consumed after filtration. Hollow fiber because can not be cleaned, is generally placed in PP cotton and granular activated carbon back end use, or more easily blocked, as the end of water purification equipment for the use of general 1-2 years need to replace the bacteria.