Precautions for household water purifiers

- Oct 30, 2018-

How important it is for us to have healthy drinking water. Learn the correct use of water purifier, is also the basic of our healthy drinking water, so, as a user of water purifiers, you should have a good understanding of daily life we use water purifier should pay attention to matters. is the so-called "dietary nourishment than Sibu, Sibu than Water" lishizhen this sentence of the millennium old adage contains the truth is visible one class. Then we will take you together to understand the use of daily household water purifier precautions.

1, often flush: in the daily use of tap water faucet to take the process is also the water purification machine carried out the flush, it is recommended to open the tap water after cleaning the faucet rinse, timely interception of pollutants to wash away, to maintain a higher water purification machine flux, thereby prolonging the service life.

 2, backwash Recovery of water production: if the water purification machine through the flush after the production of water is still relatively small, you can consider the water purification machine backwash.