Precautions for using the water dispenser

- Oct 30, 2018-

First Use Water purifier Before the first use should be strictly in accordance with the following steps to rinse, otherwise it will affect the water purifier performance and pre-production water quality.

Before the first use should wash the water purifier to wash off the water purifier in the protection liquid, the method is as follows: 1, will tap water, tap water into the ball valve, clean the faucet all open, rinse 15 minutes until the production of water clear no foam so far.

Flushing process frequently switch tap water faucet (off 3 seconds, open 10 seconds) to make the water flow to form a pulsating impact, will make the flushing effect better.

2, turn off the sewage faucet, open the purifying faucet, make water 5 minutes after the normal use.

Daily use

1, often flush: in the daily use of tap water faucet to take the process is also the water purification machine carried out the flush, it is recommended to open the tap water after cleaning the faucet rinse, timely interception of pollutants to wash away, to maintain a higher water purification machine flux, thereby prolonging the service life.

2, backwash Recovery of water production: if the water purification machine through the flush after the production of water is still relatively small, you can consider the water purification machine backwash.


1, water purifier is not practical for more than three days, then the use of water purifiers should be repeated for 2-5 minutes of Flushing, until the water purifier in the drain. 

2, the use of water purifiers should always keep ultrafiltration membrane filter in the wet state. If the ultrafiltration membrane filter dry, it will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be restored.

However, it is gratifying that the spring to the industry has successfully developed ultrafiltration membrane Dry film, we can expect better ultrafiltration water purifier.

3, water purifier total water and water purifier water quality, if the water purifier water quality is better, the total amount of water will rise, whereas the water quality is poor, the total water will be reduced, the corresponding filter service life will be slightly short.

4, in the case of tap water supply, please open the sewage faucet will be the water pipe in the sediment, rust and so on, and then open the purification faucet use of clean.

5, the long-term use of water purifiers, the water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water production is still qualified, can be assured use.

6, water purifier use, often to wash water purifier, can effectively prolong the service life of water purifier.

7, water purifier failure, please immediately shut down the water inlet valve, cut water purifier water, do not disassemble itself.