The role of the refrigerator filter

- Oct 30, 2018-

The refrigerator's drying filter is located in the refrigeration system of the refrigerated cabinet, generally installed in the condenser outlet and the capillary inlet between the liquid pipeline, by the dryer and filter two parts.

Function: Can filter out the debris in the refrigeration system, such as metal crumbs, all kinds of oxides and dust, to prevent debris clogging capillary or damage to the compressor.

It is very necessary to filter these impurities, once the impurities into the compressor, there is a piston, cylinders, bearings and other serious wear or even the possibility of death; Enter the motor winding or terminal, it may damage the winding coil insulation, short-circuit, breakdown; into the capillary, because the capillary diameter is very thin, it is likely to cause clogging and not refrigeration.