Type Division of water filter

- Oct 30, 2018-

Filter home Tap water purifier is also divided into many kinds, there are simple filter, such as only rely on PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon and other low cost water purifier, there are better, such as through ultrafiltration membrane to filter the water has reached the kitchen and other basic living water purifier; a slightly healthier and more financially capable population, The general use of RO membrane filter filter for pure water machine (also known as Reverse osmosis water purifier) and ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, energy water purification machine. RO Reverse Osmosis water purifier standard is a 5-level filter, namely: pp cotton, granular carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post-activated carbon (also known as small T33) 5; Ultrafiltration water purifier is mainly ultrafiltration membrane, other filters such as activated carbon (excluding energy filter) as a supplement, ultrafiltration water purifier According to the installation of vertical and horizontal two types,

Vertical ultrafiltration water purifier by PP cotton, granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon, external pressure ultrafiltration membrane, T33 composition; horizontal ultrafiltration water purifier by the stainless steel casing and internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane, kdf composition. Tap water needs to filter, a filter equipment price is not very high, the market is generally about 2000, but enough to ensure the health and safety of the family, unhealthy water easily lead to many diseases, such as gastroenteritis, cancer, gallstones, liver disease and a series of illnesses.

So the installation of water filtration equipment is too normal.