Use and maintenance of water dispenser

- Oct 30, 2018-

(1) Handling machinery to light handle, moving the compressor cooling water dispenser, should try to maintain an upright movement, to tilt, its tilting should not be greater than 45 degrees, and after moving to rest after a period of time, before the work. 

(2) The first use of water dispenser, the application of water to the water dispenser containers and pipelines to clean, and then unscrew the drain valve, waiting for the rest of the machine after the water to tighten the drain valve.Add a large bottle of water, open the hot water faucet, there is water outflow rear can plug in the power supply, open the heating switch, avoid dry burning, prolong the life of the machine.

(3) Drinking water captain time off, please turn off the machine switch and unplug the power plug, and then unscrew the drain valve, exhaust the water inside the machine, and then tighten the drain valve (during the drainage process please note hot water scald).

(4) When not in use at night, it is best to disconnect the power supply, can save energy and ensure the safety of unmanned use.

(5) in the process of using the machine, it is recommended that according to the specific situation 3 months or so cleaning and disinfection once, the use of one year, professional maintenance personnel can be asked to clean the smart seat and the liner. 

(6) The water dispenser should be placed in the ventilation, to prevent dampness, avoid direct sunlight, away from the heating. Should be from the wall surface 15 centimeters should not be placed near the expensive furniture and other household appliances in the place, so as not to splash water damage to the goods.

The dispenser must be stationary to prevent the machine from generating noise.

(7) Prohibit the use of organic solvents such as gasoline to clean the machine surface.