Advantage Analysis Of Water Dispenser And Bottled Water

- Jan 11, 2019-

1. A large amount of drinking water and electricity expenses are saved. In terms of electricity consumption, energy-saving water dispensers also have superior power-saving advantages compared to bottled water dispensers. At the same water consumption, at least 50% of electricity costs can be saved for users. .

2, high-efficiency warm water: bottled water dispenser can only provide a single boiled water and cold water for drinking, and energy-saving water dispensers are exchanged by heat energy, with high-efficiency warm water performance, can provide warm water for drinking while providing boiled water . It has the advantage of no waiting, that is, ready-to-drink, and the warm water is not cold or hot, suitable for human consumption, does not hurt the stomach, and has great benefits to human health.

3, high efficiency filtration, high temperature sterilization: double protection.

4, the appearance of the atmosphere, generous, beautiful: fully meet the high requirements of modern campuses and modern enterprises.

5, high-efficiency filtration: high-precision precision filter, high-efficiency activated carbon adsorption filter, high-precision ultra-filter filter to make the water more sweet, clean and safe.

6. Large amount of water supply: It can fully meet the characteristics and needs of large groups of people and large water consumption.