Brief Description Of Pure Water Machine

- Oct 11, 2019-

Water treatment equipment that removes most of the substances in water and filters tap water into drinkable pure water. Its core technology is RO reverse osmosis. A word: pure water machine out of the water equivalent to the market bottled pure water, if the addition of maifanshi, roughly equivalent to buy mineral water.

Main features: most of the products have electric motor power supply, water storage tank, generally for five levels of filtration. The first stage is PP fiber filter, the second and third stage is activated carbon, the fourth stage is hollow fiber membrane or ceramic filter, the fifth stage is post-activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. The outlet water is normal temperature water. If hot water or ice water is needed, please take over the line machine/water dispenser.

A water treatment device that removes part or all of the harmful substances from tap water and purifies tap water into drinkable water. Its core technology is mainly microfiltration (PP fiber cotton and activated carbon), ultrafiltration (hollow fiber), KDF, ceramic filter core and so on.

Main features: generally no power supply, no motor, filter by tap water pressure, no water storage tank, the outlet water is normal temperature water, if hot water or ice water need to take over the wire machine/water dispenser.

Key functions: remove residual chlorine, impurities, peculiar smell, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water, filter out impurities, rust, some bacteria, virus, colloid and so on in the tap water, some models have the function of scale inhibition. As for the water purifier out of the water is tap water minerals can be raw drinking water purification. The main difference is the ability to filter out minerals from the water.

Using ion exchange technology, the water treatment equipment can reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water and soften medium hard water into soft water. Its core technology is ion exchange technology. Water softener mainly solve domestic water, remove water and alkali, can not be directly drunk, mainly used for bathing, beauty, washing clothes, a lot of good beauty salons are using water softener for customers to do beauty.

Main features: core components for resin and softening salt box, generally have automatic control valve, can be through the time or flow of automatic regeneration and other operations.