Classification Of Drinking Fountains

- Oct 30, 2018-

Barrel Assembly The machine is filled with bottled water and is used with bottled water. Bottled water dispenser appeared before the middle of 20th century, the water dispenser was designed for the fuselage top of a dedicated connector pour bucket, the most new foreign water dispenser bottled water placed in the lower part of the machine, by suction pump inhalation, this way than conventional water dispenser more safe and hygienic, because of different water dispenser, barrel specifications There are many kinds.

In the United States and China, most use 5 gallons of barrels, other countries or regions of the standard specification is 18.9 liters (also known as 19 liters or 20 liters)

Pipeline Through the pipeline access purified water, and water purifier supporting the use. The Pipeline water dispenser (also known as a piped water dispenser) is connected directly to the main water source (such as tap water) by using a connector and a water pipe, and is then connected to the main water source through a water purification system.

In short, no buckets are needed. Bottled water has been confronted in the market with tap water, but in some European hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, pipeline drinking fountains have become increasingly mainstream.

This also shows that traditional office-based plumbing machines have many market opportunities. Because of the cost savings, especially in high consumption areas, the market share of pipeline water dispenser is increasing gradually. In fact, the European pipeline water dispenser industry has a clear turnaround, pipeline water dispenser has reached a new stage of development, and thus the emergence of many important opportunities. The number of companies associated with this is also growing, and they are bullish on these opportunities.