Electrical Performance Of Water Dispenser

- Oct 30, 2018-

Water injection, turn on the power, pressing refrigeration, heating power switch several times, switch contact should be good, the corresponding indicators with the display, indicating that the water dispenser circuit is basically normal. Press the refrigeration switch, hand close to the back plate tuyere, there is a sense of air exhaust, inaudible noise is very weak, the fan operation is normal. After 2 hours of power, press the refrigeration faucet, should be cold water outflow. such as semiconductor refrigeration, can reduce the ice water temperature to 5-15 ℃, compressor-type refrigeration can reduce the ice water temperature to 4-12 ℃. Press the heat switch, heat 15-20 seconds, water temperature should reach 92-96 ℃. , the heating light will automatically turn on and off. With disinfection function of the water dispenser, press the disinfection button, within the prescribed time after disinfection, should be able to automatically turn off the power source, led off. Check the power cord insulation adhesive layer should be free of damage, the use of sufficient capacity power cord and dedicated power plug.