Energy-saving Water Dispenser Advantages

- Dec 07, 2018-

First, save electricity and save money

The energy-saving water dispenser adopts the patented technology of heat exchange, drinking warm water, saving more than 80% of electricity, using thick insulation layer, and the heat preservation effect is good.

Second, health and safety

The boiling water and warm water are treated by multi-stage filtration and high temperature sterilization to remove harmful substances such as bacteria to ensure the fresh water quality. The warm water is actually boiled and then cooled; the water quality has passed the inspection by the national health department.

Third, convenient and time saving

The intelligent control system runs automatically 24 hours and does not require manual management. At the same time supply boiling water, warm water, ice water, drink water without waiting.

Fourth, quality assurance

All stainless steel body, double pressure relief design, drinking water taste better.