History Of Water Purifier Development

- Oct 30, 2018-

At the beginning of 19th century, the Rhine had a very serious water pollution incident (one of the three major water pollution events in the world).

1826, the Rhine water pollution and a small mountain village in Bonn, Germany, the water has affected the local people's normal life, only 13-year-old Paulo Eric in order to drink clean water, he decided to use Superman's wisdom to do a water purifier, after hundreds of failures, finally he successfully invented the world's first water purifier: The water purifier is filled with 20 layers of fine gauze bag full of quartz sand and activated carbon, activated carbon in the middle of the quartz sand, and then the bag of water purification material placed on the top of the barrel, the polluted water poured on the gauze above, slowly through the multi-layered infiltration into the wood barrels, the final filter after the water clear the sweet,

After many improvement of water purifier filter effect more and more good, caused by local government attention.

With the general improvement of people's consciousness of water purification, water purifier industry is gradually rising, the domestic development of the net drinking water industry from the 1980s onwards. Water is the source of life, the quality of drinking water is closely related to people's physical health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey, 80% of the world's diseases and 50% of child deaths are associated with poor drinking water quality.

One-fourth of China's population is drinking water that does not meet health standards, and "water pollution" has become the most important water environment problem in China.

After years of drinking water and health knowledge of the publicity and popularization, people water purifiers have gradually understood the impact of drinking water quality on human health, pay more attention to the safety of drinking water, which provides a great market prospects for the production of water purifier products.

Household water purifier in Europe and the United States developed countries 95% of the family has been used, and in the domestic household use rate is less than 5%, so water purifier in the domestic still have a vast space for development. Since 2000, water purifier production enterprises have grown rapidly, water purifier industry rapid recovery and growth.

China's water purifier industry has developed to more than 3,000 production enterprises, its number is still growing at a rate of 30%-40% per year.

2014, by a number of city tap water odor, Lanzhou water benzene pollution, hanjiang ammonia nitrogen pollution, Jingjiang water pollution and other events, water purifier sales continued to heat up, China's water purifier industry rapid development, great forcefully.