How Water Purifiers Work

- Sep 17, 2019-

Level 1: PP cotton: remove all visible substances/dirt and impurities from tap water.

The second and third levels: activated carbon preconditioning: some low-distribution water purifiers the third level is also PP cotton, carbon removal of chlorine and organic impurities. It also absorbs odors, colors and odors produced by organic compounds in water.

Level 4: ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane: membrane can remove bacteria, viruses, spores and other substances in the water.

Level 5: rear activated carbon device: further improve taste and remove odor.

Most of the water purifiers adopt the blocking and filtering principle of progressive structure, which is composed of the head and tail of multi-stage filter elements, and the filter elements are arranged from low to high in order to realize the multi-stage filter elements' allocation and interception of dirt, thus reducing the filter element's blocking and manual sewage discharge, dismantling and washing times, and extending the cycle of filter element replacement. With a new design idea is applied to mass flow principle self-cleaning structure, its design thought is no longer provide as much of the space used to shelter evil people and practices, but adopt high quality principle, isolated from a small part of the clean water, at the same time, as far as possible let the raw water circulation flowing as usual to make fouling mass with flow was taken in time, to achieve a rolling stone gathers no moss. In this way, we not only get purified water, but also avoid or not easy to precipitate dirt in the machine, avoid the formation of secondary pollution and greatly reduce the loss of filter core, and the water quality is better, safer, energy-saving and low carbon. The new principle of self-cleaning water purifier for the 7th international invention fair gold medal, for the structure of a into two out of it to improve the structure of the traditional water purifier for a into a disadvantages lead to accumulate the higher of the raw water impurity concentration in the machine finally become the sewage, and therefore self-cleaning water purifier has no concept of sewage and sewage water purifier instead of washing water. With the improvement of living standard, the popularization of water purifier will be more and more extensive, and the products of new technology are better meeting people's needs