Installation And Use Of Water Cooler

- Sep 26, 2019-

1. The interface of the rear cooler is pipe connection or flange, and its inlet should be connected with the outlet pipe of the air compressor, or it can be installed in the pipeline of pneumatic equipment.

2. The post cooler shall be installed on the concrete foundation.

3. The air inlet and outlet of the aftercooler are interchangeable.

4. Before the equipment belonging to pressure vessel is installed and put into use, it shall report to the safety supervision agency of boiler and pressure vessel of local or municipal labor department and go through the use registration procedures.

5. In the process of operation, according to the operation of the system, open the sewage valve regularly to discharge pollutants.

6. Control valve should be installed at the air inlet of the rear cooler.

7. Ensure the inlet temperature of cooling water and the pipeline is unobstructed.

8, cooling water should be soft water, water does not contain visible impurities.