Is It Good To Drink Water From A Water Purifier For A Long Time?

- Dec 29, 2018-

Why do some people think that drinking water from a water purifier for a long time is harmful? I like to search online for this problem. Most of the reasons are because many people think that the water purifier filters out harmful substances and also filters out harmful trace elements. Drinking this kind of water is not only bad for your health, but harmful to your health.” In fact, it is still a good argument about pure water and mineral water.

Trace elements and minerals in the body do not need to be replenished from water

The nutrients of human beings are mainly not derived from water. They are mainly derived from food. The trace elements and minerals that water supplies to us are actually very small and can even be neglected. When a person is deficient in calcium, the doctor will never tell you to go back. Drink plenty of water! The body extracts nutrients and minerals in the water is very small, 99% of the nutrients and minerals are obtained from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken and egg milk. For example: molybdenum nutrition of the human heart, if you want to get enough molybdenum through water, drink 160 tons of water a day, but eat a potato, a handful of melon seeds can meet the body's demand for molybdenum. For example, the milk content of a cup of milk is equal to 1,200 cups of water, the iron content of a pound of beef is equal to 8,300 cups of water, and the vitamin content of a cup of orange juice is equal to 3,200 cups of water; Lack of nutrition, most of which is supplemented by food, not by drinking water.