Is The Household Water Purifier Good Or The Bottled Water?

- Nov 26, 2018-

Bottled water incidents emerge in an endless stream: black-hearted barrels, direct filling of tap water, and foreign objects. When bottled water is transported for at least half a month, the bottled water in Kaifeng will multiply tens of millions of bacteria. Drinking fountains are not frequent. The cleaning will grow moss, and these water problems will directly affect the human condition. Let's take a look at the household water purifier. The factory has strict inspections, and there are water approvals issued by the state. The quality of the products is guaranteed. In addition, the household water purifiers are completely closed to the drinking water and will not be exposed to the air. To avoid secondary pollution problems such as bacterial growth, it can be said that the water purifier is built a small water treatment plant in its own home, which is now ready to drink, safe and healthy.