The Difference Between Bottled And Bottled Water?

- Oct 11, 2019-

The difference between bottled and bottled water?

It's actually what we call packaged water, and packaged water is a lot of packaged water that we see in our supermarkets. One of the easiest ways for us to package water is to look at the label. If you say that the label above refers to natural purified water, there are three categories in our national standard, namely package water. One is pure water, and the other is pure drinking water. If you look at the label, what is your standard of conduct, if you have GB17324 or GB17323 that must be pure drinking water. If you 37 is certainly drinking natural mineral water, this is an aspect, see executive standard.

So, there are some water is not the national standard, it is beyond the scope of the national standard, it may be the first QB, QB is said to be the enterprise standard, and DB is a local standard, so want to see the standard, it is what the first, is QB, or DB, or GB, GB is the national standard, this is the first to see.

The second is to see if there is a list of ingredients. If there is a list of ingredients, it means that it is blended out. For example, we see a kind of water called weakly alkaline on the market now, everyone thinks it is weakly alkaline, and they all buy it. It's made from pure water mixed with sodium bicarbonate, and its PH is not as high as that of our tap water.

Drink category is you thirst can drink, you can drink any water, because it is casual, as a bucket of water purchase, we must be careful, because the bucket of water is as our living water, is for us to cook, give us tea, give us as a lot of water when.

When this choice, we must pay attention to, as far as possible the first choice of natural mineral water, the second water should be relatively clean, for example, you can choose some pure water a little cleaner, but pure water for the elderly and children is not suitable, these places a little attention.