The Difference Between Warm Water Dispenser And Ice Hot Water Dispenser

- Nov 26, 2018-

  Warm water dispenser features:

     1. Special high-efficiency heat exchanger, saving 80%;

     2. The boiling water and warm water are filtered by three grades (PP cotton + activated carbon + activated carbon) and high temperature sterilization treatment;

     3. With intelligent water control system, if the water does not open, it will flow out without water, avoid drinking raw water;

     4. Normal pressure professional technology design, more secure;

     5. All stainless steel manufacturing, sink molding, ergonomic design;

     Ice hot water dispenser features:

     1. Compressor refrigeration, spiral elliptical tube evaporator, high heat transfer efficiency, large cooling capacity

     2. Water quality is treated with PP cotton, high-precision ultrafiltration and activated carbon triple filtration.

     3. Ultra-filter core is automatically rinsed, the water quality is fresher

     4. Normal pressure professional technology design, more secure.