The Necessity Of Water Purifier

- Dec 09, 2018-

80% of human diseases are related to water

Medical experts suggest that health protection should begin with a focus on every cup of water in everyday life. Two-thirds of human tissue consists of water. Water is an important substance for maintaining human physiology and metabolism.

People must take 2-3 liters of water a day to maintain basic life activities. If the water is sufficient and the blood and lymph circulation are smooth, the human body can effectively absorb the nutrients in the food and excrete excess substances such as toxins.

Drinking safe and clean water for a long time can bring health and longevity, and drinking unclean water, especially water contaminated with heavy metals, can lead to many terrible diseases. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of human diseases are related to water, and poor water quality can cause a variety of diseases. In developing countries, 80% of cases and 1/3 of deaths are caused by drinking unclean water.

More than 50% of drinking water is unsafe

The latest China's environmental conditions show that water pollution incidents occur most frequently in unexpected environmental events (up to 50%). The surface water pollution is still quite serious. The seven major river systems of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River, the Songhua River, the Huaihe River, the Haihe River and the Liaohe River are polluted to varying degrees, and the problem of eutrophication of lakes is prominent.

China's economy has developed rapidly in recent years. The wastes discharged from industry and agriculture have seriously affected the water quality of rivers, lakes and groundwater, and directly threatened drinking water. A recent set of data from the State Environmental Protection Administration shows that more than 50% of drinking water is unsafe. At present, there are about 190 million people in rural China who have excessive levels of harmful substances in drinking water. The concentrated discharge of sewage in cities is seriously exceeding the self-purification capacity of water bodies.

The quality of boiled water and bottled water is worrying

At present, the main drinking methods for domestic households are boiling water and bottled water. We all know that although boiling water can play a certain role in disinfection and sterilization, it is difficult to meet the requirements of healthy drinking water for today's increasingly serious water pollution. Boiled water cannot remove impurities such as rust, chloroform and heavy metals in the water.