The Quality Of Water Represents Our Health

- Oct 11, 2019-

Every one of us knows how important water is to us. According to nutritionists, we need at least 1200 milliliters of water every day to maintain our health needs, which means water is very important to us.

A team of experts from the Chinese center for disease control and prevention has directly proved the link between high cancer rates and water pollution for the first time in eight years of research, according to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention this morning. The data in the atlas of water environment and digestive tract tumor death in huaihe river basin shows that in 2010, 2150 people died of malignant tumor in yongqiao district of suzhou, and 1724 died in shenqiu. The death rate was twice the national average for malignancies and four to five times as high as in the control area. "Atlas" proved that the sewage discharged by enterprises went into river channels, and various chemical elements such as mercury, lead and cadmium in the sewage leaked into the ground for a long time, causing high incidence of cancer and high death rate in local people. Over the years, we have held high the banner of development and made every effort to improve people's livelihood. But blue skies and dirty rivers will ultimately have to be paid for by people's health. "Pollution first and treatment later" overdraws the environment and health, and development loses its meaning. Health is "1", other is "0", the person did not have, money has what use?

Health is the most important thing for us, and water is the first element of our health. Many people at this time will think of water purification machine, with the water purification machine can reduce the harm, thus drinking safe water.

Indeed, the filters can filter the floater in the water, to remove heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and it has high filtering technology, generally for five filtering, was primary filter, PP cotton, secondary granular activated carbon, the third level precision compression, activated carbon was level 4 for reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, rear was fifth the activated carbon. Its front filter element: 5 umppf filter element, the aperture of the filter is 5 microns, can effectively filter out rust, sand, colloid and the diameter of more than 5 microns all impurities; Granular activated carbon filter core carbon has super adsorption ability, can effectively adsorb residual chlorine in water, smell, different colors, pesticides and other chemical agents; Precise activated carbon filter can effectively remove bacteria, toxins, heavy metals and so on in water, so that people can drink more healthy water.

The technology adopted by lianquan water purification equipment co., LTD is the mainstream water purification technology in the current international market. It selects high-quality filter materials, ultra-compressed PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane, mineralized filter core, almost including all the current market water treatment filtration purification system, can effectively filter out impurities in the water, bacteria, viruses, organic pollutants, heavy metals, scale and other harmful substances.

Water purification machine where we now have no way to really play a big role, can make us more trust of drinking water, but if not to protect water quality, make it worse, may the filters and the role of, it is not so important now, therefore, it is essential to protect our water quality.