Three Major Misunderstandings Of Water Dispenser

- Nov 20, 2018-

1: Unplug the power plug, remove the water bucket, open the drinking water switch, and release the remaining water in the water dispenser cavity.

Drinking machine analysis: The first step in disinfecting the water dispenser is to release all the remaining water in the drinking fountain. However, when we open the faucet of the water dispenser, we can only release a small amount of water, so this disinfection method exists. There is a big lack. The accurate method is to first open the sewage pipe behind the water dispenser and drain the remaining water. Because the remaining water in the sewage pipe is the key to the secondary pollution of the water dispenser, then turn off all the drinking water switches and release the remaining water.

2: Hold the alcohol cotton ball with tweezers and wipe the water tank.

Drinking machine analysis: The inner and outer sides of the lid of the water dispenser are directly touched by the air, which is very simple to accumulate bacteria, so it is necessary to remove the dirt above. You can first wipe the appearance with alcohol to prepare for the next disinfection.

3: Pour 300 ml of multi-purpose disinfectant into the water dispenser liner and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Drinking machine analysis: the capacity of the water dispenser cavity is about 2 liters, and the sterilizing agent of 300 ml can only disinfect the inner space of the extremely limited water dispenser. Such disinfection is ineffective. Dissolve 300 ml of disinfectant in about 2 liters of water to fill the entire chamber and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.