What Is A Water Cooler

- Sep 26, 2019-

Water cooler is a type of condenser often used in vacuum pumping system on top of decompression tower. Because the circulating water temperature used for cooling is usually 30~32℃, conventional water cooler (bow baffle plate, floating head type) has the minimum temperature difference limit of cross heat transfer. When the temperature after cooling reaches below 40℃, the circulating water temperature rise is too small, resulting in too much circulating water consumption, which has been less used in recent years.

In foreign countries, a kind of specially designed water cooler, the surface condenser, is often used. Due to the special structure of the surface condenser, the pressure drop of the process logistics is lower, the heat transfer coefficient is larger, especially with a certain reverse heat transfer function, can reach a lower post-cooling temperature, the circulating water temperature rise is larger, can greatly reduce the circulating water consumption. In recent years, it has been widely used in vacuum pumping system on top of vacuum column in large-scale atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit.