What Is The Difference Between An Water Dispenser And A Water Heater:

- Nov 20, 2018-

     1. Safety - Using anti-dry and normal pressure technology, the system works under normal pressure to solve the safety hazard of pressure-type energy-saving water dispensers.

     2. Durable - Made of high quality stainless steel, ergonomically designed, strong and durable

     3. Energy-saving inner tank insulation device, reducing repeated heating, saving 80% of electricity, no water, no water, avoid drinking raw water.

     4. Convenient taste is good - there is hot water and normal temperature water, and it can be used as needed. The ultra-filter core is automatically rinsed regularly, the water quality is fresher and the taste is better.

     5. Save money - direct tap water, four-level safety filtration, low power consumption, more energy efficient than traditional water heaters. According to the actual test: only 7.2 kWh is required to use the energy-saving water dispenser, and 38 kWh is required to use the ordinary water heater. Therefore, the energy-saving water dispenser saves 30.8 kWh per day than the ordinary water machine, saving 924 kWh per month. Save 11088 degrees per year.

Benefits of water dispensers: convenient, safe and hygienic

   1, do not need special management, go with the drink.

   2. Multi-level filtration of water quality, qualified by the national health department.