What Is The Purpose Of Installing The Pre-filter?

- Dec 29, 2018-

First, filtering the secondary pollutants generated in the transportation of water pipelines

Many urban water supply pipelines have been ruined, and there are many pollutants such as rust and sediment inside. And because the pipeline is very long, the water source flowing through it will be polluted, and this pollution is called "secondary pollution." The pre-filter has a filtration accuracy of 5-100 μm and can be filtered to impurities visible to the naked eye, such as sediment and rust, to return the tap water to the factory condition.

Second, soften the water, prevent scale, to reduce the risk of corrosion

For consumers, the scale problem is also a problem that needs to be addressed. The composition of scale is mainly calcium and magnesium, and the problem of scaling with water heaters such as water heaters and water heaters, which are required to heat water, is particularly obvious, and the pre-filter can avoid the combination of calcium, magnesium and carbonate ions, thereby reducing The effect of scale generation can effectively extend the life of water appliances.

Third, used as a pre-processor before the water purifier

The commonly used preconditioner for general water purifiers is PP cotton (the raw material is polyester fiber, which can filter impurities in tap water, widely used in clothing, spray cotton and water purification equipment), while PP cotton needs to be replaced frequently. And no backwash function. The front water purifier can effectively filter out impurities and suspended solids in tap water, reduce the load of PP cotton, effectively prolong the service life of PP cotton decanting, and function as a pre-treatment device for water purification.