Which Brands Are The Top Ten Global Water Purifiers?

- Jan 04, 2021-

1. American Yikou Water Purifier

The United States Yikou Water Purification is a subsidiary of marmon water/berkshire hathaway. It is Buffy Yikou focusing on the bai household water purification field. It has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of household water treatment equipment and currently has more than 1,300 valid global patents. Project, serving more than 30 million families worldwide, entered China in 2007.

2. Whirlpool water purifier

In the field of water filtration, 3M covers the three major businesses of table drinking water treatment, electrical water treatment and household water purification. Many internationally renowned chain restaurants, cola companies, bottled water companies, and more than 90% of the world’s double-door refrigerators have built-in ice making and drinking systems that all use 3M drinking water filtration systems.

4. GE water purifier

General Electric Company (GE) is the world’s largest diversified service company. From aircraft engines, power generation equipment to financial services, from medical imaging, TV programs to plastics, GE is committed to creating a better world through multiple technologies and services. life.

5. American Aihuipu Water Purifier was founded in 1933. For 70 years, Aihuipu has been committed to the research and development of water purification equipment. It has a number of technological patents and its products are sold in more than 120 countries and regions in the world. . Aihuipu water purifier is the most famous raw drinking water treatment equipment in the world, and it has been assessed as the "first-level raw drinking water equipment" by the American Health Association NSF.

6. Dalton water purifier originated in Linbai County two hundred years ago. Since a small factory located in the Thames River, the British Royal "Dalton" has become the most trusted brand in the world.

7. Hanshill Water Purifier Hanshill Germany is one of the first companies in the world to invent and manufacture water treatment equipment, pipeline filters, pressure reducing valves and safety valves. It is also the company with the most complete water treatment products of its kind. It has a history of 65 years.

8. Qinyuan Water Purifier Qinyuan Group was established in 1998 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in a series of environmentally friendly products such as water purification equipment, drinking water equipment and commercial water equipment.

9. Midea Water Purifier Midea Group is a leading technology enterprise group for consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and industrial automation systems. It provides diversified products and services, including kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, and various small appliances. Consumer appliance business for home appliances; HVAC business for household air-conditioning, central air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

10. Smith Water Purifier American A.O. Smith Company is a multinational company with a splendid history of 143 years. Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, it is a global leader in applying innovative technologies and energy-saving solutions to products and selling them all over the world.