Working Principle Of Water Purifier

- Oct 30, 2018-

First stage: microfiltration membrane: microfiltration Membranes remove various visible/dust and impurities from tap water.

These particulate matter from the pipeline aging, rust, roof water tank two times pollution and so on. Second stage: Compressed Carbon: Compressed carbons to remove chlorine and organic impurities such as harmful pesticides.

It also absorbs odors, colors, and odors from organic compounds in water, which come from water disinfection by-products.

Tertiary: ultrafiltration membrane: ultrafiltration membrane can remove bacteria, viruses and spores and other substances in the water.

Fourth level: Filter Life Indicator: The device is designed for gear structure, with the passage of water flow, gear rotation makes an internal axis upward movement, until the outlet blocked, water can not pass, that is, through the design of a good stroke to calculate the total water purifier, so as to ensure that the effluent is safe. Most of the water purifier is the use of sieve filter principle of progressive structure, from the multi-stage filter end-to-end series, filter precision from low to high order, in order to achieve multi-stage filter allocation interception of dirt, thereby reducing the filter Plug and manual sewage, the number of removal and replacement of the filter cycle. There is a new design thinking is the application of the principle of separate flow of clean-type structure, its design is not to provide as much space as possible for the possession of pollution, but to take the principle of separation, a small portion of clean water, while at the same time as possible to allow the flow of raw water as usual, so that the flow of contaminated water in time to This has been purified water, and will not or not easy to precipitate dirt in the machine, to avoid the formation of two pollution and greatly reduce the loss of the filter, water quality is better and safer and energy-saving low carbon. This new principle of self-cleaning water purifier won the seventh International Invention Exhibition Gold medal, for a two-out structure, it improves the traditional water purifier due to the structural drawbacks of one in the machine, the concentration of raw water impurities in the inside of the higher the final become sewage, and therefore self-cleaning water purifier no sewage and sewage water purifier concept instead of washing water.

With the improvement of living standards, the popularization of water purifier will be more and more wide, new technology products are better to meet people's needs.