Dest Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Dest Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Tana water dispenser with hot water heater has an advanced filtration and UV purification system to ensure that the water you drink are the safest you can get. It produces hot and cold water at any temperature you like up to boiling point - all at the touch of a button. It can also be set to dispense a specific volume or variable volumes.

Product Details

Facing the market demand of different customers at home and abroad, we combine the experience of the same trade, constantly push the old and bring forth the new and perfectly realize the upgrading of series Pure Water Cooler, Water Purifier With Hot Water Heater, Water Dispenser With UV Filtration. 'Customer is God' is our service tenet, therefore we will arrange production in time and deliver on time so that customers can bring products to the market at an appropriate time. We are widely praised in the same industry at home and abroad for its excellent quality, affordable price and high-quality service. Our products sell well all over the world.

Product Description

1. Tana water dispenser with hot water heater has an advanced filtration and UV purification system to ensure that the water you drink are the safest you can get. Faucet has insulated spout and self closing hot valve for your safety.

2.  Enjoy the convenience of instant hot water with this hot water dispenser with a spring loaded self closing handle for safety. Available in different attractive finishes, this Water Dispenser with Hot Water Heater is not suitable for use with reverse osmosis filtration. 

3. Compact size is ideal for office, dorms and small kitchens. With auto shut-off safety feature and convenient cord storage. Drinking water does not need to walk back and forth to develop healthy drinking water habits. Its unique design will allow you to save 20% more energy compared to standard kettles.

4. Our entire range of Water Dispenser with Hot Water Heater is checked for quality and performance to ensure that only a flawless range is being dispatched to our clients. We can provide good quality products in time for all customers. We would be absolutely do that to bring you a good shopping experience. 

Technical Specifications


50/60Hz - 115/220V

Cold Water

40 cups/hour at 39°F-57°F (4°c-16°c)

Hot Water

80 cups/hour at 197°F-204°F (92°c-96°c)


31lb (14kg)


H13.7" x W11.4" x D13.7"
(H35cm x W29cm x D35cm)

Filtration System

0.6 Micron Double block activated carbon filter
UV lamp 11 Watts



We continuously enhance the competitiveness of Dest Hot and Cold Water Dispenser in the domestic and international market, enhance customer satisfaction and and offer high-quality products and services to new and old customers. We deeply realize that the quality of products directly related to the company's economic efficiency and sustainable development, thus always maintain high standards of product quality. We insist on building a brand with integrity, expanding the market with service, and promoting development with innovation.


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